Toronto, Canada - Photo Exhibition, Fundraiser, Event

Save the Surin Elephants! If you live near Toronto or know anyone who does - please come out to support this great event. There will be free Thai food, wine and beer - and lots of excellent elephant photos by artist Brent Lewin. @ Engine Gallery, 37 Mill…Read More

Photo Exhibition and Online Fundraiser

Let’s promote this great online fundraiser. Proceeds go to Bring The Elephant Home, a Dutch charity doing good work to help rescued street begging elephants in neighboring Buriram Province (right next to…Read More

PRESS RELEASE - Save the Surin Elephants - please distribute far and wide

Dear Supporters, I'm excited to share with you the following press release, which went out last week. Please also visit our cause to see this all on video :) ...and post the video and share to all your…Read More

grass roots ele conservation with the forest temple

Dear Supporters, Just a quick reminder of the special event taking place next month. More volunteers are still needed to come support the monks' ele conservation efforts in Surin, Oct 19. please click here for more…Read More

Update from Surin - and link to new photos

Dear Supporters, I've returned with news from another successful week of volunteers in Surin. I am happy to report that our family of 6 adults are getting along very well, and little Tunwa is happy and healthy. Click here to see new photos from the…Read More

Update from Surin - and link to new photos

Dear Supporters, I've just returned with exciting news from Surin. it was a very successful week with our 1st full volunteer group helping the elephants. We now have 6 adult elephants and 1 baby dedicated to the project. The June 29 group of 8 volunteers…Read More
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