Updates to the page & info!

Hello there.. we are now up to almost 1500 members thanks to your support.. I have posted some new articles on both the Profile page & Cause page... please feel free to copy the links/text below and paste it to your wall so that all your friends can…Read More

Some great new updates & info

Hi there.. I'm soooo excited report that in just 3 days we went from 840 members to almost 1200 members.. keep it rockin'! There is also a GREAT new article posted to both the profile page { www.facebook.com/supportmcs } and the cause page. It's about a…Read More

Great info & updates - PLEASE READ

Hi there... our cause is now up to 846 members! I have posted lots of updates & info on both the profile & cause pages for "Support Your Local MC" (links are below).... I sent out an "Event Invitation" which includes links to both the profile &…Read More

Support Your Local MC Profile Page

To help better stay in touch, I created a Profile Page for people who prefer that view. Here is the link.... http://www.facebook.com/supportmcs Thanks for all the support!

Support MC Profile Page

Since the start of this cause, 6 weeks ago, we have gained a shocking 628 members! To help better stay in touch, I created a Profile Page for people who prefer that view. I will duplicate updates for both pages so you can have your choice. Thanks for your…Read More

EASY way to spread the word!

Here is a great way to spread the word of this cause... the link below is for the ~Join "Support Your Local MC" Day~ event page on facebook.. Once you are on the Event Page you can invite all your friends with ONE invite.. the link to the cause is on the…Read More

Keep this cause ALIVE!

Almost a month ago I started this cause to raise awareness in the MC community and we now have 90 MEMBERS! I can't believe it... Please keep sending the link for this cause or for my "Harley Chic" profile page to everyone you know that values their freedom...…Read More
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