Time to come out of our homes!!

Dear Friends, Today we witnessed another shamefull day in the history of india. The steps takes by UPA were another step towards sinking of it. As Annaji has said, its the second freedom fight and it will come to success only if all of us will come out in…Read More

The cause needs your support!!

Dear Friends, As you all must have witnessed, Saturday 4,2011 was a shameful day in the history of indian democracy. Government has given a clear message that if you fight against us, we will crush you. Our leader Shri. Anna Hazare has decided to go on…Read More

Victory of a Gandian!!

Dear Friends, I am happy to tell you that, as most of the demands of the activists accepted by government and a notification has been issued, Shri Anna Hazare has ended his 5 days fast!! This is a victory of a Gandian and all of us who supported Anna in…Read More

Victory of the people in this first half with Anna heading the crusade!!

Dear Friends, we have achieved the victory in this first fight and government had issued the notification with time frame and names of the peple part of the commity. Here is the detailed…Read More

On-going protest places in your cities

Delhi: Jantar Mantar - all day Mumbai: Azad Maidan - 11 am Bangalore: Freedom park -11 am Hyderabad: Indira park - 9:30 am Jammu: Jammu university - 11 am Srinagar: Lal Chowk - 6 pm Chennai: Thakkar Baba Vidyalaya, T Nagar - 9:30 am Bhopal: Shahjane park - 11…Read More

Lets form a human chain in respective cities on 9th April 2011

Dear Friends, As till now we may had some limitations to come on the road. Tomorrow is a holiday for all the working professionals. Lets take one more step ahead and come on the ground. Lets form human chain in our respective cities to show the power of the…Read More

Congratulations to all of us!!

Dear Friends, Congratulations to all of us!! A small effort started has taking a good shape!! We have croseed members count of 250. But our task is not yet done. The final goal is to achieve the Jan LokPal bill suggested by those who are leading us out their…Read More
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