petition to lit lockade of Gaza ..

Dear members of the cause : " stop the Ghazza massacre" ... The Cause's name have been changed into : " Ghazza holding On .. ( petition to lift lockade of Gaza ) .. This is the link to a petition directed to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton .. plz…Read More

Put your name on the line to save children’s lives

The United States Fund for UNICEF is gathering signatures for a new petition, "Put your name on the line to save children’s lives." We are trying to gather 25,000 signatures by February 01, 2009. The petition will be delivered to President-elect Obama to urge…Read More

In the name of Gaza ...

Dear members, Now as u may know, Israel have declared a unilateral cease-fire starting from yesterday which supposedly shall stop all militarily operations in Gaza strip.. Now Israel, after brushing aside the UN alongside the whole world, declares…Read More

Please remember to sign the UN petition ....

Here's the link to the UN petition that claims stopping the brutal attack on the innocent citizens of Gaza strip: Thank you,

How u can help Gaza from Dubai .. pass it on to Dubai residents ..

* ( Dubai Cares) is joining a united front of UAE-based relief and charitable organizations to pledge humanitarian assistance and mobilize the UAE community to help the children of Gaza. There are approximately 275,000 students of primary school age in Gaza…Read More

ways to help Gaza ..

Actions: (How you can help) Despite UN ceasefire calls, the Gaza bloodshed is escalating: with over 800 Palestinians and 15 Israelis killed and the civilian toll mounting daily, is stepping up its campaign to spur leaders to bring a lasting end to…Read More

illegal weapons used on the citizens of Gaza strip : white phosphorus ..

At one point WP was used in rat poison and in fireworks but modern products do not have it because of potential health hazards. The US Center for Disease Control states that it is reported to cause death an injury when inhaled, ingested, or had contact with…Read More
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