ACT NOW to protect Rape Victims

Jamie Lee Jones was brutally gang raped and then locked in a shipping container when she worked for Halliburton/KBR in Iraq. When she tried to sue she learned her contract required her to use arbitration - a secret proceeding that denies civil rights. Tuesday…Read More

CA Gov Eliminates Funding for Domestic Violence Programs

Lives will be lost- programs will close.. YOU CAN HELP Please get the word out on Facebook and Twitter! CA residents take action here

As Economy Plummets, Domestic Violence Skyrockets

Domestic violence shelters are full and are turning victims away and calls to the National Domestic Violence Hotline have increased dramatically. Tell your congressmembers that full funding for all victim service programs must be a priority.…Read More

Why Doesn't Rihanna Leave? and other thoughts...

Hi All Thanks for joining the Stop Family Violence cause. Here's a few good articles about Rihanna that I thought you'd be interested in Domestic Violence: "Why Doesn't She Leave?" Is the Wrong Question to Ask About Rihanna Five…Read More

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