Have You Decided On Who To Vote For?

fellow CyberPatriots, on the weekend eve of May 10, 2010 National & Local Elections, let us go out and vote who we believe will usher our beloved country into a progressive and abundant future free from guns, goons & gold (and Gloria)!... whoever we…Read More

Slacktivist ka ba o CyberPatriot?

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Fellow CyberPatriots in the STOP CON-ASS NOW! Campaign! it's been a long while since i get to post in our campaign's bulletin and i would like to apologize for my long absence... a lot has happened since my last post in July of last year and…Read More


magandang araw, CyberPatriots!... reposting this announcement from TindigNATION... JOIN THE TINDIGANATION COUNTER SONA RALLY AND MARCH ON JULY 27, 2009 (MONDAY) Assembly time: 1:00pm Assembly Place: University of the Philippines on the open ground near the…Read More

Filipino CyberPatriots Society, etc...

hello there CyberPatriots... recently, some of us have organized ourselves into the Filipino CyberPatriots Society that will give us an 'identity' and not being lumped as 'slacktivists' as some of our detractors would often referred to us... we have created…Read More


...10 days from now, GMA's last State-Of-the-Nation-Address (SONA) will be delivered amidst the several options of her clinging to power being floated and threatening the very freedom and democracy we have fought for in EDSAone, '86 February People Power…Read More

we have breached the 100,000 members mark...

...and still counting! hello fellow CyberPatriots... i am lost for words to write...tears of joy are also flowing as i write this...i would only like to express my gratitude for all who have joined us in this campaign...MARAMING SALAMAT SA INYONG…Read More

94,700+ members & counting...

...towards our initial 100,000 members mark! fellow CyberPatriots... during the past few days, we had the opportunity of participating in several events and forums which gave us CyberPatriots (or slacktivists) to be with street parliamentarians... last…Read More
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