New videos

Hi all, I recently sat down to make a new promo video for New Hope Children's Center in Kenya. Please check it out! Also, while I was digging through my video files I found a clip that I had forgotten about of a little girl named…Read More

"What God is doing in the world..." tonight at my house

Hey SimpleSizeMe folks, Thought those of you near Philadelphia might be interested in a little gathering at my house tonight. My friends from Kenya, Mr. and Mrs. Chege, are here in Philadelphia and will give some insight on their life and ministry. They are…Read More

Update - Best idea gets $1,000

Hi friends, If anyone is wondering, my life is still very undecided at the moment. HOWEVER, I'm addicted to thinking of ways to leverage the internet to do some good things. My latest experiment is: Do you have an idea to…Read More

SIMPLE thank you and request

Dear friends, Thank you for your involvement in the SimpleSizeMe cause. As you might know, I spent the first 5 months of this year eating just 1 small bowl of rice per day while folks like you donated to the cause. We raised over $7,000 which was used to put…Read More

Do something awesome.

Hi all. Just watched this video of a guy who walked across China and was reminded of our capacity for amazing things. No vision is complete. No plan is perfect. But there's something beautiful about setting forth. Peace, Ryan

Follow SimpleSizeMe on Twitter and I'll love you for it!

Hi friends, I'm trying to build a network on Twitter to help jumpstart this next SimpleSizeMe adventure. Check me out @SimpleSizeMe. If you have friends (Twitter, Facebook, and even real life!) who you think would be…Read More

SimpleSizeMe v 2.0

Hi everyone, What does it take to change the world? Silas is 4 years old, HIV positive, and just lost his mom to the disease. Homeless and hungry when I met him, he now has a home at New Hope Children's Center because of YOUR generosity. His world is…Read More
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