$379 so far...This is amazing

Brothers and supporters, I would like to thank all of you who have contributed financially and helped spread the word to benefit the SigEp Educational Foundation through the Facebook Causes Application. To date, we have raised on Facebook $379 and we have…Read More

Happy New Year

Hey there everyone, I would like to welcome everyone back if you are just getting back from a break. Right now the SigEp Educational Foundation has 1,238 members and the Fan Page has 108 members. Please feel free to invite others to the Fan Page and let…Read More

New Short Web Address (URL)

Greetings to everyone, I have just learned of a new way to spread awareness of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation Cause on Facebook. Now you can share this link with friends and colleagues to get others to…Read More

New Fan Page: SigEp Educational Foundation

New Facebook Fan Page: SigEp Educational Foundation

Brothers, I have created a new fan page for SigEp's Educational Foundation on Facebook. There, you will have a central location to monitor the SigEp Edcuational Foundation Cause, interact with brothers, view the SigEp Photo feed found on flickr, post links,…Read More

If we all...

Did you know, if we all donated $10 each to the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation cause we would raise $8700. That is a huge thought. Can you spare $10? I did. Ed Jones spared $100. What can you contribute? Please contribute today! In Phi, Will…Read More

Facebook Causes are now on MySpace: SigEp Educational Foundation

Hey everyone, I know many of you might not have a MySpace account as usually there aren't too many cross overs, but I would like to let you know that the "Causes" application is now available on MySpace. If you want to add the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational…Read More
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