MCLM KL Forum - Complete Videos

The Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) First KL Forum was held on 21 December 2010. Watch the complete videos here: Part 1: Opening Remarks and Speech by MCLM President Haris Ibrahim Part 2-4: Continuation…Read More

Call to participate in Fast for the Nation, Peace for Malaysia 2009

"Donate a Status", set your Facebook status to say: [your name] supports Fast for the Nation, Peace for Malaysia 2009. Check us out at ; It's time we pray and fast for our nation. Together as…Read More

INVITATION to watch GADOH the movie

Brilliant movie, straight into your face and heart. A must-watch movie, highly recommended for parents, teachers and students. Don't miss it! - Pahlawan Volunteers ► INVITATION to watch GADOH the movie. Date: Friday, 31 July 2009, 8pm Venue: Auditorium,…Read More

First Perakians, now Sabahans calling for help. What Can We Do?

---------- Forwarded message ---------- First Perakians, now Sabahans calling for help. What Can We Do? Dear all PDRM and the judiciary are no longer independent and only serve the government of the day. So who is the check and balance for our nation and…Read More

PJ Anti-ISA Vigil - Version 2.0

The Anti-ISA Candlelight Vigils that used to be held regularly in PJ have been transformed into a new format - one that is practical and action oriented. And less hazardous to participants. It is now called the Anak Bangsa Malaysia Gathering and is held…Read More

URGENT! What can we do for RPK and our nation...

SMS: "Nationwide Call 2 Fast and Pray 4 God's Intervention till Mon (23/2). Our country in turmoil and judiciary tainted. We need divine intervention. Fast and pray for RPK 2 b acquitted on 23/2, justice for all n every1 do right thing rebuild nation…Read More

History made yesterday, our reality tomorrow

Dear friends Once again, thank you for supporting this cause. We are living in very exciting times. History was made yesterday in America. It may very well be our reality tomorrow. 1. Watch the video: Obama's Victory…Read More
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