Karnatka Waqf Scam - Biggest Scam of Indian History

Recently unveiled Waqf Scam in Karnatka clearly shows how systematic is grabbing of Waqf Properties. All this loot and grabbing is happening with active involvement of those who are responsible to SAVE WAQF. Brief of Scam is: • Biggest Scam of Indian…Read More

Social Media for Social Service

Facebook Page SAVE WAQF connects people, ideas and resources to help Waqf related problems. It work together as long-term partners in solidarity to ensure Waqfs are free from clutches of violators. We believe this will result in sustainable and successful…Read More

Crime of Carelessness

Waqf is Most Neglected Cause. To be Bold, we have committed crime of carelessness. Though we don't realize but somehow we are part of the crime because we never raised voice against continuous grabbing. We allowed it in systematic way. Now, we have no option…Read More

God's Land Grabbed - Mukesh Ambani House

House of 5th Richest Man of World (Mukesh Ambani) is constructed on Waqf Land. Government / Waqf Board misappropriated this Land in flagrant violation of Law. Per Supreme Court of India....Once Created Waqf is always Waqf. Hence Grabbed property should be…Read More


Unfortunate but true Waqfs are most neglected area. It may be Union or State Governments, Central Waqf Council or State Waqf Boards, Mutawallis or general public. We totally ignored this huge wealth which can be generator of much opportunities to Minority…Read More


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