Suggestions sought: What do U suggest, now that energy is galvanized?

Greetings friends. Welcome to an opportunity for significant action! The world is coming together in an unprecedented way, with movements originating from the Arab hinterland and the US Financial heartland turning everyone's attention towards the NEED FOR…Read More

SWIFT stands for "Save World Interests From Talibanization"

The situation in Pakistan is dire. The "Talibanization" of this land is silently in progress, & will continue unless we start a cultural revival, reminding folk of their rich Cultural Heritage. Your involvement sought is a video upload, connected in SOME…Read More

Dance Contest to Raise Awareness & Membership (in any Taliban Regional Language)

We are looking to galvanize a global movement, to help save us all from the scourge of humanity that the Taliban are. (Note: Taliban is a plural form of Talib, 'seeker' or 'desirer'. Explained better below.) We intend to supercharge this group, and have been…Read More
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