6 Beaches to Visit Before They're Gone

Why are groins (groynes) a problem everywhere except Road View/Mullins?

"The plan also includes the construction of three groins, or low rock seawalls, which would be partially buried perpendicular to the shoreline at the southern tip of the island. The whole idea has alarmed property owners on Siesta Key to the south. They…Read More

Still Raising Hell

Recent erosion in the Mullins Bay area has made beach access particularly treacherous. It doesn't help to hear our CZMU boasting of its junkets to Columbia and the Pacific. Shouldn't "home drums beat first?" If you agree - share this post.

Video Map Update

"Went back to Barbados 2 weeks ago and completed some more filming..." Read more: http://mullinsbay.blogspot.com/2012/02/video-map-update.html

Show Us Your Favorite Barbados Beach Photo

We would like to see your favorite photo of your favorite Barbados beach - your original photography please, or one where you are a subject. Upload it to the “Favorite Beach” album on our Facebook page -…Read More


Have you visited the Save Mullins Bay cause website lately? Summer 2011 is ended (at least unofficially) and we are gearing up for a major push in the coming last quarter. Now is the time to reconnect and recruit your friends for this worthy effort to see the…Read More

Poor Coastal Management Of The Mullins Bay Area As Seen From Space

Our latest blog post is a good primer for understanding the problem of beach erosion which has been going on in the Road View/Mullins area for the last several years. Please read it and pass it along to your friends who may be similarly concerned. Click here…Read More
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