Fundamental Issue Facing Health Freedom

We are all serious about our health freedom, but as time goes on it's become clear to me that we must address the methods being used to steal our health rights, not simply the actions. Therefore, two new petitions focused on government agencie's'…Read More

New UK Ruling - Don't be fooled!

The UK has decided that TCM and general herbalists may still sell us medicinal herbs that are not approved via the THMPD process - and that is good news. It is not, however, enough. It does not include Scotland and Northern Ireland. It does not include…Read More

More than 80.000 signatures.....

Still we need lots more to change the law against medicinal herbs,yesterday i bought a mint tea and it's labeled as a food supplement,in a few years we will buy mint capsules and garlic granules if we don't step up and make a change.... Read and sign the…Read More

Thomas Jefferson knew.

Thomas Jefferson knew. Again, Tine Søgaard presents the issue in a way that clarifies its importance. See what one of the US founding fathers said - and spread it around to everyone you know. We are facing the greatest tyranny, the loss of control over our…Read More

Bad link in last message - apologies!

The donation link wasn't transmitted correctly in the last message. Here's the correct link: I'm very sorry for the confusion.

Signature Pace Doubles!

The pace of signature gathering on the petition has just doubled! We're collecting over 2,000 per day. Whatever you're doing out there, keep it up! Please, invite more people to this cause. You know how important it is. Please, make sure everyone you know is…Read More

we need to reach out....

dear members.....we have to reach out wide...into our world....into the world around boost up and double the numbers of signatures all we have to do is...get one person that is not on facebook to sign the…Read More
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