The Custody Scam - Most scams, such as sub-prime mortgages and email scams, victimize adults. But custody scams victimize children. When government fails to protect children it throws open…Read More

I-Team Examines High Costs Of Family Court Parents Say They Are Drained Of Money By Court Professionals. Connie Valentine of the California Protective Parents Association said,…Read More


For its 10-year anniversary, the Battered Mothers' Custody Conference shifted its yearly location from Albany, NY to the nation's capitol, drawing presenters, advocates and victims of domestic violence from all over the world.... Read our Newsletter for more…Read More

US Supreme Court case challenging the "best interests of the child" standards used in custodial decisions

Please pass this on. If the US Supreme courts finds in favor of Linda Marie, it could be an important landmark decision.

US Supreme Court Case contesting the "best interest of the child" standards use in divorce courts and custodial decision

Linda Marie Sacks states, “This is an historic case for all of America’s children who are not being protected by the official avenues which were put in place to protect them. I am truly the “All American Mom” and never did I ever imagine, that I could lose…Read More

Rethinking the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction

"I don't think the treaty is wrong," Edleson says. "It was put in place for the right reasons." But he and other experts say it's time to update how the Hague Convention is being implemented, to make it easier for battered mothers to argue that their kids…Read More

Hague Conference on Private International Law

"...they made multiple efforts to engage “informal and formal help in the other country, prior to leaving the country, with little success and sometimes resulting in further reinforcement of their violent husbands’ positions by the authorities”.12 “In almost…Read More
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