A Bears reality is nothing like his dreams.

My mother sent me an email this morning a friend had forwarded to her about the beautiful moon bears in China.. with the little hope in their eyes & the softness shown towards the camera holding onto hope that maybe life will get better.. ofcourse it…Read More


Right now Australian cattle are being maimed and tortured before suffering the most painful deaths that the animal welfare movement has ever seen. What's more, this callous slaughter is carried out in facilities that use equipment paid for by Australian…Read More

Fur Farms?

I've been asked a few times what exactly is a Fur Farm? To make it simple PETA can show you - http://features.peta.org/chinesefurfarms/ - Skinned alive.. tortured & bashed for a new jacket? a toy? The footage is disturbing & I will warn you it's…Read More

Please take 2 minutes of your time to view this.

This is the most heartbreaking tragic video which makes me thankful for everything & everyone. We are not just fighting for respect & humane treatment of animals - sadly this also includes our brothers & sisters…Read More

In order to make change, we must all come together!

I am a very strong opinionated woman with a very straightforward view on animal rights, I am against the fur farms in China & trust me I will do anything & everything to get as much attention as possible so the world will know exactly the amount of…Read More


I cannot explain how appreciative I am of everyone who has supported this cause since the day I created it. The word has not spread far enough, please continue sending this to your friends and family.. the world must know the damage China is doing to such…Read More


37,636 members is NOT good enough!!!! WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET IN FIGHTING THESE BARBARIC PEOPLE! PLEASE POST THIS CAUSE TO YOUR PAGE, INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!! we need at least 50,000 before I can officially hand it over to PETA! Thankyou all.


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