Everywhere Cow killing is restricted....

When there was too much animal killing, the incarnation of Lord Buddha was there to stop animal killing. In Buddhism there is no animal killing. Although they are now killing animals, but originally Buddha religion means non-violence. Also Lord Christ also…Read More

Killing Cow means to end human Civilization.

“The time will come when men will look on the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men.” -Leonardo da Vinci


ThanQ! Our cause cross 1200 mark. Pl invite more people & create mass awareness for stop Cow Killing. So that government should ban cow killing in India........

Other States should do this.....

Bangalore, Mar 20: Karnataka Assembly passed the Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill, 2010 on Friday, Mar 19, making cow slaughter a punishable and a non-bailable offense. Buzz up! With this, Karnataka joins the list of states such as…Read More


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