Why the Walking Man is marching with the BATs in DC on 7/28/14

http://childrenaremorethantestscores.blogspot.com/2014/07/like-tree-by-river-i-shall-not-be-moved.html Why DC? It's our nation's sacred ground! Why travel to stand with my fellow teachers, and with parents? It's a teacher thing? It's the SOS thing! It's…Read More

Get off the Common Core Bus America and SOS Still marching on

SOSers two Saturdays from now will be joining the 50th anniversary March on poverty in Washington DC. Check the SOS March webpage for information if you are in the area, and would like to join us. Meanwhile if you are interested in what quality teaching…Read More

For my Save Our Schools brothers and sisters

Children are more than test scores: It was never about improving public schools http://t.co/mDjD9hqNri A blog about the effects of testing on one child. One walking man tears, Jesse The Walkingman Turner

Update on July 04, 2012

Thus far 36 people have taken the poll: For 60% the resignation of Duncan would help President Obama win their support. For 20% will vote for the President regardless, and 17% the Preseident has already lost their vote. Of course it's not scientific, but it…Read More

One Tin soldier remians

This is Mr. Chuck Olynyk one of the great ones who is not walking away from his students. During these dark days when so many talented teachers are leaving our public schools due to this insane emphasis on testing we need a hero. This is my blog saluting one…Read More

Taking the fight local blog by Jesse The Walking Man Turner

SOS is still marching!

Hi EveryoneI hope you recall with great fondness and much enthusiasm the work we did in Washington DC during the summer of 2011. Although SOS has spent much time reorganizing over the past two years, we are very actively involved now with our same four…Read More
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