Rise up and Turn up

A Walking Man blog about rising up and turning up Connecticut. Connecticut will send buses and bring our stories of the struggle for equity for Black, Brown and poor children in our public schools to DC for the Save Our Schools Coalition March for Public…Read More

Still Standing for Public Education and Social Justice

Come stand with the Save Our Schools coalition March for Public Education and Social Justice July 8 and 9 Ireland's Nobel Laureate George Bernard Shaw said: "I want to be all used up when I die.” Tell it on every town green, every street corner, shout it from…Read More

If we can't stand up for children, then we can't stand for anything

If we oppose high stakes testing, If we oppose children as data points, If we believe that children are more than test scores, If we oppose public schools for sale, If we oppose the Common Core, Then we will do everything possible to join others in Washington…Read More

Save Our Schools Coalition: March For Public Education and Social Justice

Save Our Schools Coalition March For Public Education & Social Justice We have a burgeoning coalition of grassroots groups, union organizations, and activists who will rally and march in support of education and social justice. The Coalition is growing –…Read More

Sending out an SOS for our Dyett Hunger Strikers day # 33

If you use twitter please help send a message to Pope Francis to reach out to President Obama to intervene on behalf of the Dyett parents on their 33 day of their hunger strike in Chicago. Day 33, 12 parent hunger strikers in Chicago abandon by Democratic…Read More

One again it's time to answer the call to action my friends

I am almost one day out from my walk to DC. Everyday is busy at this point, between work, planning multiple events with organizers across states, and focusing in on making sense of Google maps that are not always helpful. But, it is a good kind of good, lots…Read More

One Man Walking In The Name Of Love To DC. My SOS to all BATs, Opt Outers & SOSers

What do you do when your political leaders lack the will and the courage to hold 49 states accountable for spending more money on their wealthy schools than their poor schools? You speak up, You stand up, You refuse the test, You BAT up, You occupy their…Read More
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