Dedicated to empower and aid in the healing of adults who have been subject to abuse while in private or government institutions, detention centers or foster care

SIA Convention February 24-26 2011 We need your help to bring these survivors together and raise awareness!

We need your help!! SIA Convention 2012 hosted on the Queen Mary in Long Beach February 24, 26, 2012

This groundbreaking convention will not be possible without the generosity of survivors and their supporters. Please help us to make this moment happen by donating to the Survivors of Institutional Abuse at:

SIA Convention 2012 hosted on the Queen Mary in Long Beach February 24, 26, 2012

Message from the President of SIA Organization: The SIA Convention 2012 is 2 years in the making if we come together as many with press there is no stopping us. This movement is bigger than us. We need to fight for those who are still in these facilities. We…Read More

SIA Comedy Event August 13th @ Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, Universal City Walk

SIA Organization invites you to an evening of hilarious comedy with Steven Kimbrough and his band of comic misfits. This will benefit the SIA Healing and Empowerment Outreach. The Survivors of Institutional Abuse (SIA Organization) helps adults who were…Read More

SIA Rock N Art Show April 9th! You can now purchase your ticket online for the SIA Rock N Art Fundraiser! All proceeds for this event will go towards the SIA Convention 2012 United With One Voice! If you cant attend please consider still purchasing a ticket…Read More

New Website for SIA

There is a New website for sia We are really excited to offer membership and private forums. There is also a feature that allows you to submit News! Private chats and much more check it out!!

Victory Christian Academy Reunion August 2010

Thanks so much for all of you who reached out to support the reunion. Those who contributed financially as well as those who spent hours in the planning process many thanks to all of you! Thank you to the San Vicente Resort for giving us such a great weekend…Read More
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