SAYA Updates

Dear Donor, Please check out the photos of the Safia Campus being constructed on the outskirts of Islamabad: Currently, the staff is being trained by educators with a combined experience of 50+…Read More

SAYA Updates

Dear Donor, First of all we wanted to share the fantastic news that SAYA has completed the requirements to become a certified voluntary social welfare agency, registered in Pakistan. This means we can start the process of registering the Trust as a…Read More

Shah Mansoor Town Camp, Swabi by Tughral Yamin

We visited the Shah Mansoor Camp in Swabi for the internally displace people from Swat and Buner on the 21st of June. On the longest day of the year, the mercury hovered in the range of 40 degree Celsius, while a mild breeze kept the temperature under shade…Read More

IDP Relief Work

Dear SAYA Supporters, I have uploaded a link to an album chronicling SAYA's latest visit to an IDP tent village to distribute supplies and donations provided by friends like you.. This visit was at Shah Mansoor Camp in Swabi. The conditions of the children,…Read More

SAYA's Work With IDP's in NWFP

Dear All, Some photos of SAYA's recent trip to Mardan for relief efforts of the IDP's have been uploaded. Please do take a look, and tell your friends about all the work we are doing and how they can contribute. Also, we have crossed the 500 membership…Read More

The Internally Displaced People of Swat

IDP’s – A Situation Report By Tughral Yamin Where do they go to escape the deadly crossfire of the security forces battling the Taliban? They stream down country on buses, cars and taxis. Some have even fled on foot. Those lucky to have relatives in other…Read More

A young Afghan refugee boy's heart valve is replaced with SAYA assistance

It gives us great satisfaction in sharing with you the news that a project undertaken under the auspices of SAYA has been successful. Masoom Shah a young Afghan boy, with a defective heart has a new valve. The process was long and nerve wrecking. Safia Yamin…Read More
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