Wishbone Day is May 6th

Spread the word, create awareness, because awareness makes a difference. Wishbone Day was create in 2009, keep it up, WEAR YELLOW and contact me for a Wishy Tattoo! This is FREE.. Support Rowan and his amazing OI Family!

TONIGHT.. Please Watch

Thank you Members

I just wanted to personally send a huge thank you to all members for joining Rowans cause and getting the word out about OI... Have a great and safe Valentines Day Weekend!

Rowan James Karge OI Cause

Please copy paste the following for one hour or one day to show additional support and create a wide spread awareness for Rowan.. Thank you in advance. "My reason to support OI.. Rowan James Karge, a 7 month old baby boy whom has had 7 fractures since Jan…Read More

Rowan James OI.. cause

Can you believe we have made it to 310 members. Make sure to keep recruiting.. Thank you for getting the word to others and let it be know OI will not keep Rowan down..

Shriners Hospital

As many of you know there are several Shriners Hospitals that are closing due to the lack of funds. Please remember to donate to this cause to order to keep the doors open here in Chicago for little Rowan. He will need infusion treatments that will start in…Read More

Update of Rowan-- your reason to support OI

I must say to start that our visit went well. Rowan was great, happy and full of smiles for everyone to see how well he has been doing in the care of his family. First they weighed him, we were told that we are not to worry about his weight gain, it is just…Read More
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