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I, the undersigned, call on Congress to debate and reform the PATRIOT Act and do a better job in balancing national security and personal privacy.


Senator Mark Udall for Colorado

From Senator Mark Udall, Senate Intelligence Committee:

Finally, the national conversation can begin, with Americans knowing the facts.  

Several days ago, a series of news reports disclosed for the first time the breadth of the U.S. government's surveillance of American citizens in the fight against terrorism. These reports have riveted the nation. The most troubling reports describe how the federal government collects information about millions of telephone calls made by Americans, including who they call and when they call.

As a member of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, I know how damaging leaks of classified information can be to our national security. I wish the information about our government's telephone records surveillance program had come directly from the Administration itself. But now the American people are more empowered to judge the secret interpretations of the PATRIOT Act — and to see how those interpretations have been used to expand collection of Americans' telephone records.

I'm pleased that President Obama said that we should have a national dialogue — with more facts on the table — about the scope of our intelligence community's surveillance authority. And I believe that national conversation must lead to responsible reforms.  

Will you join me and call on Congress to re-open debate of the PATRIOT Act and reform our laws to ensure that wide-scale collection of Americans' phone records is not done without their knowledge? 

Together, we can make sure that our government is more accountable in respecting the rights of law-abiding Americans.

Thanks for your support on this very important issue, 



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