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Pakistani courts Rejects CIA Agent Davis' claim for diplomatic immunity

From: Pakistankakhudahafiz.com Date: 03-03-2011 LAHORE: In a setback to US efforts to seek early release of its national Raymond Davis arrested for a double murder, a Pakistani court today rejected his claim that he has diplomatic immunity and said it would…Read More

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Dear All Members, Thank you for joining and supporting the cause. Please invite all your potential friends and increase the awareness. Its already been declared that he is a CIA agent. and does not hold any diplomatic immunity. Let us help the victims,…Read More

Same happened Once in 1964

FORWARDED AS RECEIVED I am pasting below an excerpt from the Imam Khomeini's Speech that he delivered after a similar incident (referring to Raymond Davis Incident) took place in Iran - 1964. After the speech, which incited a lot of people, he was sent in…Read More
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