RAH's Facebook Page

Help us reach as many Veterans as possible. Please visit RAH's Facebook Page to find information on upcoming events, our new Military Honor Roll, Sponsorship opportunities, and other resources. Once there, help us spread the word! On the left side of the page…Read More

Facebook "Group Page" going away. Please "like" our Facebook "Fan Page"!

We are phasing out this "Group page" and would like to invite you to visit our "Fan Page". We have a lot of exciting events coming up and want to make sure that you get all the information. Please click on the link below so you can "like" our Fan Page.…Read More

Message from Ken Buckles, Executive Director

HBO, Steven Spielberg's, Tom Hanks' 10 part mini-series "The Pacific" starts Sunday. It follows the true story of 3 Marines as they fight in the Pacific during WWII. "The beach was covered with the bodies of dead Marines, and as far as you could see, the…Read More

Your Support is Desparately Needed!

 Save Remembering America's Heroes Save Living History Day Save the Oregon Military Hall of Fame Friends: After sending out an email fundraising appeal last week, Remembering America's Heroes (RAH) has only received one donation. Perhaps I didn't do a very…Read More

Old and New Friends of Remembering America's Heroes

As you know, for almost 15 years now, we've been actively honoring and remembering American Veterans, as well as educating students and our community about the high cost of our freedoms. This important program's impact on students, the public, Veterans,…Read More
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