Beautiful post by his Commander I wanted to share..

This is a post his Commander Crapse posted on his Facebook wall. It was so beautifully written and heartwarming. Thank you so much for this post, I seek comfort in the words each day.. A little less than seven years ago, Michael Poole reported for duty…Read More

Update on Michael's long battle

On the afternoon of August 18, 2015, David Michael Poole passed away at the age of 44, with his wife and loving family by his side. Michael was born December 15, 1970, in Tampa, FL to Patricia and Vaughn Avera. He attended Northeast High School and enlisted…Read More

Pictures and Memories

Everyone: please read. I have lost everything on my external hard drive. Instead of using it as my backup I used it for all my pictures, home videos and document storage for all of Mike's military and medical docs. If you have any pictures of the Poole's can…Read More

Taylor Poole

You can go to and write a note to Taylor on the bulletin board. They print them in the evenings and place them in envelope and give to the cadets at mail call. So if you haven't written him please make sure you…Read More

Move to Florida

I just wanted to update everyone on the cause and tell everyone thank you for all the prayers and all the help over the last year. As you know Nov 7, 2010 was the one year anniversary of Spc Poole 2nd Stroke that showed us the previous stroke he had on Oct…Read More

October update & items we are giving away

I hope everyone is doing good and had a wonderful summer. We had a nice summer spending time with the family at White Water before Michael's therapy got moving full speed ahead. We also lost Michaels’ father to a long battle with cancer. We are so blessed to…Read More

Thank you so very much

I just wanted to send a thank you out to everyone who supported us and prayed for our family when Michael's father passed away. It has been tough for the family but we are also at peace because he is in such a better place. One of his favorite sayings was…Read More
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