Video PhilosophersNotes LIVE! Classes

Teaching my first online LIVE VIDEO eduFire class: PhilosophersNotes LIVE! on Abraham Maslow's Self-Actualizer Really excited about it and hope you join us! :)

PhilosophersNotes on Biographies/Autobiographies

Hey guys: I'm gonna do a PN package on the best Biographies/Autobiographies--pulling the transformative Big Ideas from the life stories of the greatest peeps ever. What're the "must" reads?!? (Specific titles please! :) Please (!) go here to add your…Read More

Want PhilosophersNotes Quotes on your Facebook page?

Sweet! Get a little PhilosophersNotes Quotes Widget for your Facebook page here: (You can see what it looks like here: Love and…Read More

Wanna help us translate PhilosophersNotes?!? :)

Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Assa'lām aa'laykum! nǐ hǎo! Bok! Hallo! Tere! Γειά σας! Namaste! Šalom! Selamat siang! Ciao! Konnichiwa! Annyeong! Sveiki! Dorood! Olá! Zdravstvujte! Habari! And Sawubona! We're *just* getting going in the process of translating the…Read More

New LIVE Titles, Price Is Gonna Be Changing, Hay House Digs PhilosophersNotes, Top Secret Plans, Be the Solution, Finding Joe + THANKS!!! :)

"If you want to experience prosperity at a miraculous level, you must leave behind your old ways of thinking and develop a new way of imagining what is possible for you to experience in your life." ~ Wayne Dyer from Real Magic Hey Lovers of Wisdom (aka,…Read More

Hay House Likes PhilosophersNotes :)

Hey guys: Just got an email from Reid Tracy, the CEO of Hay House, and we've got approval to do more PhilosophersNotes on their *AWESOME* titles: *happy happy dance* :) the ones we have so far: Wayne Dyer's "The Power of…Read More

Holy Smokes! Our Podcast Is Already #1 (in Philosophy) on iTunes!

Hey guys: Just a quick note of thanks for helping make the PhilosophersNotes Podcast the #1 (!!) Podcast in Philosophy on iTunes! How cool is that?!? Plus, we’re already in the Top 100 on iTunes! (#71 so far ☺) We just launched 2 weeks ago so I’m super…Read More
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