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I love Dolphins and jump in to help with causes that can help the helpless, the oppressed and the stop the wrongs that people or bureaucracy can and do inflict on the innocents or downtrodden in our society. I believe if you can defend then you should defend those beings or causes that need help . I love to help .

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End Whale & Dolphin Hunts By Japan

Because dolphins and whales are magestic beautiful peaceful beings and they enhance the lives of those who are lucky enough to touch them or swim with them . They should be appreciated for their beauty . Not destroyed for money or profit. its barbaric what the Japanese do to dolphins. Nauseating & sick. I think God crys every time they slaughter dolphins and when the Canadians club baby seals to death in front of their mothers . Its like some people have no conscience & no heart. How could anyone harm beautiful symbols of nature so callously and how can the people where this happens just look the other. Sometimes it seems like beauty is becoming more rare and its all because of humans and their needs . But when men act like barbarians over helpless beautiful creatures there is no honor only shame .

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