Peace Practices has international funding and a new home!

Association Building Community 501c3, and Pacific Rim International School are proud to announce the launch of the Peace Practices curriculum in Emeryville and San Mateo, CA. Please visit to learn more, and contact Brandon…Read More

Aikido, Nonviolence, and Peace - How They Connect

I taught special classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday of Aiki Peaceweek 2012 for students from Aikido of Berkeley, Free Aiki Dojo, and Golden Bears Aikido at UC Berkeley. These classes reflect the content I offer at The Renaissance School…Read More

The Renaissance School - Peace Practices staff training 20120223 video 02

This is the second video in my introduction to Peace Practices, which takes my Martial Nonviolence method and puts it into a curriculum for a specific organization, in this case The Renaissance School, a particularly well regarded Montessori community in…Read More

The Renaissance School - Peace Practices staff training 20120223 video 01

On February 23rd, 2012, Brandon Williamscraig Ph.D. provided a Peace Practices training for The Renaissance School (TRS) staff, introducing them to the Martial Nonviolence method. This is the first of a series of videos from that event. If you are a parent…Read More

Parents to decide future of Peace Practices at TRS

TRS Parents and supporters everywhere, Brandon WilliamsCraig here. I am the aikido and Martial Nonviolence (MNv) instructor at The Renaissance School and the creator of the Peace Practices curriculum. Leslie Hites, Head of School at TRS, is an enthusiastic…Read More

The mechanics of peace have to do with the body.

Reason #1 for practicing Martial Nonviolence, offered by one of my more admirable senior aikido colleagues (and a good friend), Paul Linden Sensei. Thanks to Mark Walsh for the video!

Aikido For Your Child's Success - Public Event - Monday, March 19th 7pm

Aikido For Your Child's Success a presentation by Brandon WilliamsCraig Ph.D., 4th dan Chief Instructor at Free Aiki Dojo and Golden Bears Aikido at UC Berkeley The Renaissance School 3668 Dimond Avenue in Oakland Monday, March 19, 2012 7:00…Read More
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