Hey thanks so much for supporting OYETTS it really does mean alot.

Please introduce yourself to everyone in the blog :D If theres anything youd like to see on the page feel free to let me know. Also if you ever needa talk about anything ever im here for you. Take care xoxo Andrea

happy holidays!

just a quick message wishing everyone a happy holiday season, whether you are celebrating christmas or hannakuh or any other holiday (and i do apologise if i spelt that wrong!). hope everyone is safe and well over the holiday season.

my personal health

As of December 2008 I'm not going to be as active on this site (or I might be, depending on a few things). I've decided to take a break from all things OYETTS related so that I can get my own life back on it's feet. I've been quite secretive about it, but…Read More

hey all

Thanks again for supporting by joining. I'd like to extend the hand of friendship (or extend the invitation for you to add me on here and be friends!) to all those members who I don't already have on my friends list. Just to let you all know that I've posted…Read More

thanks for supporting

Just a quick hello to all the Cause members. Thank you so much for joining and supporting OYETTS. If there are any that I haven't had the chance to talk with, please feel free to add me as a friend. I am always up to meet new people and love talking to people…Read More

OYETTS's first birthday

http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=14534847739 May 27 marks the one year anniversary for the foundation of OYETTS. I ask everyone to take a look around the event page I made for it and to RSVP that they will be attending.


Hey everyone. Trina here. I'm not going to be on as much as I would usually be, probably for the next week, because we're moving out of home and we are so busy. And it's going to take up to a week to get the internet connected in our new house. I'll still be…Read More
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