Ton Dou iBare Mobile App

Hey Every"body":-) iBare is Ton Dou in the palm of your hand!   My Ton Dou iBare Mobile App is now available for Android and will be in the Apple Store very soon! :-) everything I do can conviently be seen from your handheld device and you won't want to miss…Read More

"BIG" Change of Plans!!! :)

Hey Every"body":) BIG Change of Plans! All updates will be here; You'll get them automatically if you "Like" the page. take…Read More

We need your help!!

Dear Members, The sex exhibitionist infiltration of public natural / nude recreation areas is causing rapid deterioration and resulting in a severe loss of legal public land use! Legislators who oppose nude recreation on public lands are citing lewd…Read More

Seasons Greetings :-)

Happy Holiday wishes my friends and thank you for your support! :)

Happy Holiday Every"body":) Enjoy!!

"The Holiday The Natural Way" by Ton Dou -

Official Songs

The Official Music Video & Documentary Song for my Haulover Beach Project is the 1st song that plays automatically at; and the 2nd song is the Official Theme Song for a Documentary I'd like to do for The Naturist Society

Next Level?:)

I'm definitely going to need a project manager soon!! I'm not able to do all the things that need to be done. I need girl power in my performances and we'll need someone to market us and get us booked into venues. I'm not able to hone my skill or find time…Read More
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