Re-Envisioning Neverland

Dear friends of Neverland, As you know, Neverland Ranch (now known as Sycamore Valley Ranch) is currently owned by Colony Capital, headed by billionaire Thomas Barrack, with an undisclosed portion also owned by the Michael Jackson Estate. There is widespread…Read More

Heal The World Soap Box Derby Race Car

What is the Heal The World Soap Box Derby race car? The John Lee Memorial Soap Box Derby Fund is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation that provides Soap Box Derby race cars to underprivileged children and to provide financial support to Soap Box Derby events.…Read More

A Children's Day for MJ's birthday

Dear Friends, A few days ago I stopped by and I read some pages I missed before, and I found this excellent idea. I think it is a great idea to celebrate children and bring love to them on Michael Jackson's birthday. My…Read More

2,170 Cause Members!

Please remember to head on over to and join us!


We currently have 2,114 cause members. We need those of you who have not already to GOT TO OUR WEBSITE and CLICK THE JOIN link at the top of the page and join us in our fight to SAVE NEVERLAND! Now is the time to sign up and join, WE NEED YOUR HELP. Thank…Read More


Dear NHF Friends, THERE ARE MANY GROUPS & SITES NOW DEDICATED TO THE MISSION OF SAVING NEVERLAND... FOR THE CHILDREN. We are overjoyed that so many fans share this passion and are joining together to express their desire to create an enduring "living"…Read More

UNICEF Michael Jackson Team for Haiti

Dear Member, A UNICEF fund raising team has been created for Michael Jackson fans all around the world to raise fund for Haiti while honouring MJ. "Team Michael is a UNICEF fund raising team for the relief efforts in Haiti. This team was created by and for…Read More
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