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June 8, 2011 As a Delta Air Lines employee, I am offended (but not surprised) by the tendency of the news media in Atlanta to immediately go for the jugular when presented with the slightest opportunity to paint Delta in a negative light. I deeply resent the…Read More

Great video contains comments from former labor board admin

Here is the link on You Tube:

House of Representatives debating tonight. Voting tonight/tomorrow.

We've spent the last two days lobbying our Congressional Representatives from all 50 states. The said it was great hearing from us, and also advised they need to hear from YOU, their constituents. They will listen if you tell them what you want! We must call…Read More

Congressional pressure is building

Keep up the pressure on the NMB!!! Continue to write/email again and again! "......the Board has decided to eliminate the silence option for write-in votes. In addition, a speak-in (telephone) or write-in (Internet) vote of the words “Any Other Organization…Read More

Another front opens to reign in the NMB: House FAA Reauthorization bill includes voting rule change repeal, NMB investigation

A U.S. House of Representatives bill** to reauthorize funding for the Federal Aviation Administration contains a provision related to the National Mediation Board’s (NMB) decision to change the longstanding majority voting rules. One part of the provision…Read More

Links for Delta's Reply to the IAM's False Interferences Charges (w/some tidbits)

Go to: there are links for Delta's Reply for both Passenger Service and Fleet Service. + + + + + From Delta's Reply (link below): "Try as it might, IAM cannot lay its failure in this election on Delta. Since before the merger was…Read More

Worker Advocate Urges House Chairmen to Investigate Questionable Pro-Union Rule Change

Worker Advocate Urges House Chairmen to Investigate Questionable Pro-Union Rule Change National Mediation Board’s new rules allow airline and railway workers to be unionized without majority support. Washington, DC (January 10, 2011) – The National Right to…Read More
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