Employee fired for tattoos takes action; Nathan Hardisty to sue Warwick drugstore

http://www.wpri.com/dpp/news/local_news/west_bay/warwick-drug-store-employee-fired-over-tattoos Slightly old news, but definitely something I think belongs in here. Everyone who ever feels they've been wronged by an employer for ANY reason should be standing…Read More


It's been a hot second since I last touched this page. Apologies, life has been hectic but I'm still here. Found another-like-cause that has many more followers than my own, I figured many of you may want to check it out.…Read More


w00t! saw this in someone's side panel and noticed we passed 2,000, way to go! One of these days I won't be a workaholic and I'll try to generate some sort of discussion on here.


Okay so it's been a while since an update on here, very sorry, very hectic life recently. 1st off: ALMOST 2K MEMBERS! Way to go, everyone! Secondly, I've got a draft written up for the whole letter-to-your-local-congressman/etc-thing, I'll finish it up here…Read More


Keep it movin! I *swear* I'll get that letter linked here soon, I just seriously have no time to myself lately. I just need to proof it & then find somewhere to upload it that won't delete it after 10 views -_-;

BAF secretsale

Bodyartforms.com - your one-stop-shop for all jewellery needs - is having an April Fool's sale. April 1 - April 2nd until midnight enter coupon code "KIDDING09" when checking out for 25% off your order. No joke!

1000+ MEMBERS!

Good job on recruiting and promoting the cause! We've reached over one thousand members.. that's awesome. It's good to see that this cause is truly something that people all over the world care about. Keep it up! Don't forget to add the cause on MySpace,…Read More
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