3rd typhoon heading to storm-battered Philippines

October 19 2009 Hello! As you've heard, another typhoon watch is in effect for the storm-battered Philippines. Meanwhile, deadly water-borne diseases are on the increase in the Philippines following the recent onslaughts of floods and typhoons. Dr Sean Keogh…Read More

Our team is on the ground in Indonesia

Merlin's emergency response team is now in Sumatra and has been advised to travel to Pariaman where more people have been affected. They'll be there to cover gaps in services and provide medical aid. They report that mobile clinics are needed in remote…Read More

Our hearts go out to earthquake survivors in Indonesia

The double earthquakes that struck Indonesia's Sumatra island have destroyed homes and taken countless lives. Our hearts go out to those who have lost their loved ones. Merlin's Response Team will arrive on Tuesday to help. A team of surgeons and nurses will…Read More
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