Contact Mayor AC Wharton if you care about expanding LGBT-inclusive workplace protections

HB0600, which is up in a General Assembly committee on Tuesday, would stop local governments in TN from expanding their non-discrimination policies. If you live in Memphis, contact Mayor AC Wharton and urge him to oppose the bill by sending a message at this…Read More

Memphis Non-Discrimination Legislation Postponed

Dear Supporter of the Memphis Non-Discrimination Legislation, Last July, the Personnel, Intergovernmental and Annexation Committee of the Memphis City Council voted to delay hearing new non-discrimination legislation protecting LGBT employees from unfair…Read More

Discussion of workplace fairness and equality to begin in Memphis City Council committee

TEP's Shelby County Committee is proud that the Memphis City Council will seek to establish workplace protections for LGBT city employees. The Council’s Personnel, Intergovernmental and Annexation committee will begin discussing a non-discrimination ordinance…Read More

County NDO Sponsor needs our help

As a member of this cause, you already know that TEP is currently lobbying the Shelby County Commission to pass a County Non-Discrimination Ordinance (NDO) that will provide workplace protections to employees regardless of sexual orientation and gender…Read More

Let's do our part for fairness and equality in Shelby County

The Shelby County Commission is currently considering adding sexual orientation and gender identity to its non-discrmination ordinance. We need your help to ensure that this historic and powerful measure passes.While action on the legislation will be…Read More

Take action to promote fairness and equality in Shelby County

In 2008, Shelby County was “ground zero” for many of the most publicized hate crimes perpetrated against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender citizens in Tennessee. Most prominent among these crimes was the transphobic police beating of Duanna Johnson at…Read More

1000 Equality Advocates for Non-Discrimination Ordinances in Memphis & Shelby County

Jeff Harwood has pledged to give $25 to TEP if all of us can recruit 1000 people to our cause supporting Non-Discrimination Ordinances for the City of Memphis and Shelby County at All each of us has to do is recruit 1…Read More
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