A little bit about St Francis Place....

Building Online Community

In our continuing effort to build online community we have established a presence on Google+ Communities called "InterFaith InterPeace"  Using this forum we can come together periodically using the Google HangOuts function to video conference and talk face to…Read More


I will be preparing a long overdue update tonight talking about what we have been up to and where we currently are at in our efforts.  The past 3 years has been a time of growth, visioning and renewed focus during which we have grown and learned much.  Today…Read More

Thank You!

I would like to say thank you to all of you who have joined us in this cause so far.   A Big Thank You as well to those of you who have participating in recruiting members from your own network of friends. Goes to show, no matter who we are or what our belief…Read More

United We Stand - Brotherhood of Man

Ralph El just posted a link to your cause, St Francis Place Meditation Center (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/407169?m=d3559aaf): The current divisions we see in the human family must someday be overcome if the human race is to survive much further into the…Read More

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