Are you a Long Now Fan?

If you have not already, please sign up on the Long Now Fan Page: We have found that the Fan page has the best communication tools (Between the Group, Cause and Fan pages) as it allows us to…Read More

Funeral for Analog TV

On February 17th Long Now, and the Berkeley Art Museum present, the Funeral For Analog TV with Bruce Sterling and Paul Saffo. Please let us know if you are coming on the event page to help us plan... thanks!

NY Times article mentions Long Now

Long Now was mentioned in the NYTimes in Markoff's article about digital preservation and digital archive authentication. "Danny Hillis, a computer scientist, helped found the Long Now project in 1996,…Read More

Happy Winter Solstice form Long Now

Long Now would like to thank all of you for joining our Facebook cause. Here are a few special updates for you: This Friday Dec 19th we will be hosting Rick Prelinger's Lost Landscapes of SF event as well as having a Solstice/Holiday party afterwards at our…Read More

Craig Venter Live via Webcast

This Seminar will be broadcast live via webcast during the event. Check this space ( the day of the event for further instructions. For a head start, you can test our stream to make sure everything is in working order. You will need Windows Media…Read More

Joining 3.5 Billion Years of Microbial Invention: Craig Venter at Long Now tonight

Monday, February 25, 02008 Craig Venter With his current series of breakthroughs in synthetic biology Craig Venter and his team are not so much creating life as joining life. Reverse-engineering evolution's long-refined tricks and subtleties at the molecular…Read More
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