Learning about Legacy World Schools Organization

Alan Otter (LegacyWorld) has recommended you check out this Ustream User: LegacyWorld Click here to check out the User: http://www.ustream.tv/LegacyWorld "Legacy World Schools Organization has invited you to Follow them on Ustream. Once you start Following…Read More

We broke 200!!!!

I want to thank everyone for their hard work. Our goal is our first 10,000. Please send out your invitations to everyone. Let me know if you would promote it where you are, I will send some promotional tools for you. If you have sent out all your invitations,…Read More

We are at 176!! Great Job, Everyone!!!

Let's not stop there. Please remind those who didn't sign-up for the cause by going to the Action Center and push remind. Go to other causes and post links to this cause. We will have window decals, business cards, postcards, and other stuff to promote this…Read More

Another piece of the puzzle

Our funding comes from Tuitions, Ownership of focus, charity raisers and donations. The funding always goes in 3: First goes for operational costs, Second goes for Grants and Scholarships, Third goes toward expansion. The first stage is broken down in 3's:…Read More

We are at 100 members!!!!!!

Can you believe it, we are now a Club! We don't stop there, we want as many as we can get. If you are in another country other than the US, you have a good chance at being a representative for your country for these schools. I have already chosen one. I am so…Read More

Name of Organization

Legacy World Schools Organization

Another Part

Will be teaching visual/tactile instruction (visual/hands-on) Will have dorms for those outside the area of the school. Contour the courses offered based on what students are interested in. Schools will be Zero Energy (Acutally adding to the grid) Will…Read More
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