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You helped make 2012 a great year of building lasting legacies for families with an ill parent. [1]Click here for details. [2]InheritanceOfHope.org/AnnualReport The prospect of losing a parent is difficult at any age. The challenge is magnified when young…Read More

Voters' Choice - Meet This Year's Legacy Scholarship Winners

From a record number of outstanding Legacy Scholarship applications this year, we are pleased to announce Rachel Olsson of Golden, Colorado, as the winner of the 2013 Legacy Scholarship sponsored by Mike and Catherine Barrett in memory of Sandra M. Barrett.…Read More

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Meet the Lampe Family, Gerry Moors Golf Outing, Legacy Scholarship, and more... http://www.icontact-archive.com/R5nWYuGBvcg84XNvBskNIFlFBei3_vOG?w=3

In the news: IoH recognized by NYU

Follow the link to read about Inheritance of Hope in the current edition of NYU's STERNbusiness magazine: http://issuu.com/nyustern/docs/sternbusiness_spring_summer_2013/11

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Meet the Ricciardellis, Gerry Moors Golf Outing, Legacy Retreat Highlights, and more... http://www.icontact-archive.com/R5nWYuGBvcg84XNvBskNIOoFsqs4UjFn?w=3

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