Help Subaru choose a charity

  Dear Red Cross cause members, We're in a contest to win a grant from Subaru! Below are details from Subaru, vote by clicking on the link below: ---- Vote for the charity you want added to the Subaru "Share the Love" event Subaru knows their owners…Read More

IEMSA EMS license Plate Petition

Here is an E-mail that I recently received... Please go to the following website: Print the petition & obtain signatures of individuals interested in obtaining an Indiana EMS license plate. Obtain as many signatures as possible, then…Read More

THANK YOU for your support!!

I just wanted to take the time out to THANK everyone that has joined our cause! It is important for you to tell all of your friends and family about us & spread the word! If we reach a certain membership level, I plan on talking to the Indiana EMS…Read More
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