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I lost my daughter Cheanelle to Leukemia 10 days after her 2nd birthday and my life has forever changed. Let's kick cancers azz together.

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Pledge To Take A Stand Against Domestic Violence And Child Abuse

I'm a survivor of domestic violence but honestly my passion for this cause has nothing to do with me but my beautiful friend and true warrior and survivor! Her & I were both dealing with domestic violence at the same time but I was blessed to be able to get away without my life forever being altered like her life was forever changed. I don't want to get into depth about the horror her son and her endured but I will tell you because Katie was an abused, scared and smart woman she had given her son the tools (that sadly we should never have to give our kid's) but being in fear of the unknown she knew this was a must have tool for her safety and his , even though she was fearful for her life and her children's safety I know even as she was teaching him what to do or who to call if anything ever happened , I know she never fathomed how important to her life this would be. 911 and practicing this with are children is something we should all do as parents because ya just never know. Thank God Katie did this because the day her abuser came to follow through with his plan's to kill her and damn near succeeded but thankfully because of her son who saved her life not once that day but twice, 1st time being when he seen his dad's car and went into survival mode and ran to the house to check on his Mom and came in and as his father was dragging her lifeless body to another part of the house to " finish her off " but because of him walking in and immediately calling 911 telling them my Dad he killed my mom ( makes your heart break because I can't imagine the horror he felt thinking and seeing his mom laying there as he thought and told 911 over and over she's dead ) Thankfully because of his fast thinking she survived and it literally is because of him that she is still here, not only is she still here and survived many operations and way to many medical obstacles because of her abuser but she is a Advocate for domestic violence, is getting ready to graduate with her Bachelors degree next month amongst many other wonderful accomplishments. She is the true definition of a survivor and a inspiration. Oh did I mention her abuser is doing 25 to life ♥ Yes there is light where there was once nothing but Darkness and there is justice when you have support behind you, so won't you be a Angel like Katie son was to her just by passing along this cause you never know it could save someone's life ♥

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