Moving forward

Since October 22nd AGMs the planned merger between NCPD - The National Council for People with Disabilities Company Limited by Guarantee (known as the members company, run by autistics) and ICAAN - the Irish Council for Aspies and Autistic Networking - the…Read More

Cork Autism Network (CAN) @autism_Cork will be hosting a ‪#‎DisabilityForum

Ciarán Delaney 5 hrs Next Tuesday night, the support group Cork Autism Network (CAN) @autism_Cork will be hosting a #‎DisabilityForum in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow at 8pm where General Election candidates will be there to answer questions in relation to YOUR…Read More

Re: - [GAP-members] ASIAM ENNIS MEETING JAN 20TH 15-22 year olds

DEAR MEMBERS, THIS MAY BE OF INTEREST TO SOME OF YOU. Calling all young people with autism and their friends and families – let’s break the stigma! Autism in children is quite well known now, but the fact that children grow into teenagers and adults with…Read More

Love, Life and Autism videos

Sickening imagery of Autism $peaks

The imagery of Autism $peaks, indeed its name causes us all great offence. An organisation whose sole stated purpose is one based on genocide - they terms they use what they want is to cure, destroy, eradicate. Message based on fear loathing in an…Read More

Justice for Patrick Dunne Fís Nua Motion of support; ask Sínn Fein their attitudes to criminality and cover-ups

Support of Patrick Dunne Emergency Motion 25/04/2015 18:00 Special Emergency Motion passed today at Fís Nua AGM and Convention :- In view that of the legal finding of the 13th April 2015, the Criminal Courts of Justice sent Patrick Dunne, a young lad with…Read More

Please sign petition call o governments to bring in legislaton to protect the autistic community

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