Clips from Orangutan Diary showing the devastating events of habitat destruction in Borneo

By: Siew Te Wong People say a photo is worth a thousand words. I say a video is worth a thousand photos. Watch for yourself to see how serious is the deforestation in Borneo in the name of producing palm oil to feed human needs and greed. I just watched…Read More

Listen to Wong talk about sun bear on "The WildLife" Radio Show by Dr. Laurel Neme

I was very honored to be interviewed by Dr. Laurel Name, the host of the radio show "The WildLife" to talk about my works on sun bears. This program was aired on The Radiator, WOMM-LP, 105.9 FM in Burlington, Vermont on May 17, 2010. Please visit Laurel's…Read More

Link to another fan page to watch videos of Lily the black bear in her den

Brian Scheick just posted a link to your cause, Save Bears - support IBA and field research on all 8 bear species ( Lily is a wild bear habituated to researcher Dr. Lynn Rogers. While that may be…Read More

Using Cause Bar donates for searching the web

Folks, Please consider adding the "Causes Bar". From what I've read below, it is an alternative internet search window, and each day it's used, 1 cent is donated to a cause of your choice (of course I suggest selecting the IBA). I just found this and have not…Read More

Help the IBA cause grow in 2010

 Hi everyone, I'm not the most active recruiter (that's Tanya!) nor am I a very active Facebook user, but I thought I'd ask that in 2010 we each try to spread the word that IBA exists and is a direct way to support bears. Do good work!   Brian Scheick Cause…Read More

Growing fast

We are only 20 hours old, and already just shy of level 4. =D
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