Pigs Saved in Tennessee, Tulane Still Killing Pigs

The University of Tennessee confirmed that it has stopped using live pigs for trauma training and now uses simulators. Ask Tulane to do the same! http://www.pcrm.org/newsletter/jul10/pigs.html Thank you for taking action!

Urge Tulane to stop using and killing pigs

Hi everyone, Tulane University School of Medicine is still using and killing pigs in its trauma training program, even though the school operates a state-of-the-art medical simulation center and owns several of the simulators that have been approved for use…Read More

Exciting campaign update! Ask your rep. to co-sponsor BEST Practices Act

Hi everyone, I want to let you know about an exciting development in the campaign to end the military's use of animals for trauma training! Yesterday Rep. Bob Filner, chair of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, introduced a bill that would phase in…Read More

Save Sheep from Trauma Training

Please sign this petition asking Massachusetts General Hospital to end the cruel and outdated use of live sheep in its trauma training courses. http://bit.ly/l8YmS And if you live near Boston, please join us for a peaceful demonstration urging Mass General…Read More

Live in the Bay Area and want to help chimpanzees?

We're having a letter-writing party on Monday to write to our representatives urging them to support the Great Ape Protection Act. This legislation would finally prohibit invasive research on chimpanzees, but it needs more co-sponsors. Join us, and invite…Read More

Victory for Pigs in Canada!

The Univ. of Saskatchewan just announced it will stop using pigs for trauma training & will use human anatomy-appropriate simulators instead! This is great news, but we need to ask Vanderbilt to do the same. Trauma training at Vanderbilt still involves…Read More

Pigs need our help today!

This weekend, Vanderbilt University Medical Center plans to kill pigs in a trauma training course, despite the availability of validated nonanimal alternatives. Please click the link & tell the school's dean that this needs to…Read More
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