Human Rights day 2010

Head over to Human Rights Day on Facebook and read the Adobe Youth Voices interview with Jack Healey of Human Rights Action Center

Support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Hello Dear Friends, Human Rights Day is just around the corner! This year we have a new request for you, to print the UDHR poster and share it with your friends, colleagues, families. You can read more details and download the poster on the One Day for Human…Read More

human rights FORUM

Please join the Human Rights Action Center NING network, a forum where you can discuss all your human rights issues: Love, Anca

did you know

that in less than 30 seconds, your signature can help stop slavery, torture, murder and child abuse? SIGN THE PETITION TO PRINT THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION IN EVERY PASSPORT!

December 10 - Show YOUR Support for Human Rights what human right issue are YOU gonna blog about?


untill December 10 - Human Rights Day. Please help me celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and COMMIT to take action on the internet to create global awareness on the issues of human rights abuse. To Commit, go…Read More
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