Please be sure to follow up on this - Troops are calling us!

We need you to PLEDGE at www.HeroToHero.US if you are a first responder. All this commits you to is one shirt from your department for your own hometown deployed troop. It only takes a couple minutes to fill out the form. Basically we need to know the zip…Read More


Help us get 1,000 hometowns to PLEDGE! We are adding PLEDGES to the Hometown Hero Pledge Map and will soon be posting it on the site. Filling out the PLEDGE form to support your own hometown deployed troops is such a simple thing to do, and seriously takes…Read More

Remember to fill out the PLEDGE form ...

Step 1. Join the cause Step 2. Fill out the actual PLEDGE FORM so we can get YOIUR hometown on the map for the troops ... Step 3. Spread this to everyone on your mail list so we can get enough hometowns on the…Read More

Why is this only addressed to American First Responders?

No slight to our Canadian Heroes, friends, and partners. The reason this applies to Americans only is that this last year we changed the program down here. Canada however is still up and running ...Very successfully I might add, under the original…Read More

We have recession proofed the Hero To Hero Troop Morale Campaign!

No longer do we ask departments to donate all the shirts they can. Under the new AMERICAN guidelines, you PLEDGe for your department. This should take you only a minute or two - We allot up to 5 minutes for Truckees - and then you just stand by. When a…Read More
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