Hokoyo Rhino! Expansion Ranges Project

Hokoyo Wildlife! UPDATE: Alasdair Munn says "Crowdfunding is a wonderful tool. It allows us to decide what projects we are going to support, and, if everyone simply contributed a £ or a $, imagine what a collective difference that could make to the…Read More

Hokoyo Wildlife Foundation Has A new Facebook Page

Hokoyo Wildlife Foundation Has A new Facebook Page ! Please like our page! A Facebook Page allows us to send more regular detailed updates. This is an exciting time as we start phase 1 of our Rhino Expansion Ranges Project. By the way have you seen our…Read More

Hokoyo Rhino

Hokoyo Rhino Crisis

Hokoyo Rhino Crisis - 401 rhino have been poached in South Africa as of today ... seeing them lying in the bush dead chokes one up beyond belief... its like a friend is passing...their carcases lined up...a part of you also dies... what are we going to do???…Read More

"The Geography Of Hope" Hokoyo Wildlife!

"The Geography Of Hope" Something will have gone out of us as people if we let the remaining wilderness be destroyed, if we permit the last virgin forests to be turned into comic books and plastic cigarette cases, if we drive the few remaining members of the…Read More

"Extinction Is Forever" Hokoyo Rhino!

"Extinction Is Forever" Hokoyo Rhino! South Africa Has Is Loosing Rhino Fast! Poached Rhino in 2012 - 339 Poached Rhino in 2011 - 448 Poached Rhino in 2010 - 333 Photo Courtesy Of Mark Brightman For Use By Hokoyo Wildife! Posted By Rhino Girl! In 1987/88…Read More

“Rhinos Under Threat” - UNTV Published on Jun 13, 2012 by citesvd

First Preview FYI - This movie was produced by UNTV in collaboration with the CITES Secretariat in an effort to raise public awareness of the current crisis faced by rhinoceros through illegal killing and international trade in rhino horn. The movie was be…Read More
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