Salman Taseer Shot Dead by his own Guard, please pray for Hector Aleem

Dear Group members Today governer of Punjab shot dead by his own security gaurd. The guard belonged to an Elite Force, The Elite force is a special force assigned for the safety of people. As he was the governer of the biggest province of Pakistan and…Read More

Send Hector A Christmas Card!

Think about a time when you felt depressed, lonely, and unfairly treated. Your self-esteem was then lower, you questioned yourself, and—in some more extreme cases, albeit not infrequently—you might have even wondered if you wanted to live. We’ve all been…Read More

Please Donate for Hector Aleem!

Please Donate for our father Hector Aleem, he is in jail and is facing Blasphemy Charges. Blasphemy carries death penalty in Pakistan if convicted. The case is about to end and the lawyer is asking for the fee again. You all helped us a lot, please help us…Read More

Please also attend this Event and Invite your friends!

Here is the Event which has just been created from the group Free Hector Aleem. The main reason to create this event is to spread this cause to as much people as we can. So please attend this event and Invite your friends to join too. If you do that then that…Read More

11 Prisoners are kidnapped from Adiyala Jail Rawalpindi

11 Prisoners are kidnapped from Adiyala Jail Rawalpindi by Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan.........thats the same prison in which Hector Aleem is kept. Please pray for him!!! To read the story Click here:…Read More

Please pray for the final decision of Hector Aleem's trial

Thank You everyone for praying and supporting Hector Aleem, Now the Judge is about to give his final decision very soon. It is a request to please pray that the Judge gives the decision in Hector Aleem's favor. And also pray for his safe release! And also if…Read More

Hector Aleem's Birthday

My daddy (Hector Aleem's) birthday is on 15 September, As you all know that he is in jail. It is requested to please send him a birthday card, as he is alone in would be great if anyone of you send him a card. The address to send a card is: HECTOR…Read More
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