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We as a community group are experiencing extreme financial difficulties. Hence we are forced to sell our extraordinary website - - and a few other domains: Please make an offer and send it to this email address:…Read More


Passing it on to an organization would be the noble thing to do. Realistically speaking though, for us,the PLWHA, everything revolves around money (meds, quality of living, etc) especially when your life depends on an eastern-european health system. Sadly,…Read More

HIV+ Travelers to the U.S.A.

♦HIV travel and immigration (faq) I’m HIV+, and I have been waiting for years to file for lawful permanent residence. Does this announcement mean I can now apply for a green card? HIV is no longer a bar to applying for permanent residence. That being said,…Read More

Please visit our facebook page for HIV+ travelers

Retreats for People Living With HIV/AIDS

The official site of this cause - - presents a full list of retreats for People Living With HIV . Please visit it and let us know your opinion . Thank you .


Take a look at our list of HIV retreats to find one that will get you moving. If you know of any retreats we missed, please let us know
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