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Hello all, Here are two web sites loaded with lots of information in regards to were we are to saving our Natural Health Products. Also visit: Barbara

Doctors slam alternative medicine proposal

Taken from Some medical groups are concerned that proposed guidelines on how Ontario doctors should approach alternative medicine may require physicians to accept and incorporate the practice. "We believe the draft policy should be…Read More

Contributors Needed

I'm seeking update contributors and administrators to take over the cause. I've become very busy with work and I am hence unable to continue. Please send me a brief synopsis of why you (or the person you are recommending) would be the best person for the…Read More

Concerned Citizens, It is with regret that I inform you that Bill C-36 was passed in the Senate chamber yesterday evening.

Three standing votes were held on the matter, and each time the Conservative majority outnumbered us and won those votes. The Bill will now receive Royal assent, at which point it will become law. Read More...…Read More

Amendments to Bill C-36 are being shut down by the Con-servative Senators. GO ACT NOW!

Contact your senators NOW about Bill c-36 using this easy email sending tool: How do you feel about your senators denying amendments to Bill C-36, including technical ones such as…Read More

Shawn Buckley's "Health Freedom in Crisis" - lecture & town meeting Nationwide Tour BE AN AGENT OF CHANGE. PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS.

URGENT Canadian Public Health Freedom event! To read more about this event and R.S.V.P. details in your area visit the following…Read More

Save Natural Health Remedies from International Regulators Discussion

IMPORTANT Public Health Freedom DISCUSSION! Outlook Link Learn about changes taking place in the natural health industry. Join Candace Hill,National Health Federation of Canada, Dec 1, 19:00-21:00, Metrotown Library, 6100 Willingdon Ave,…Read More
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